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Summer 2022-Peace Garden

Rain Garden Spring 2021
one of four custom raised garden beds Spring 2021- Courtyard garden
Rainbow Garden
Rain garden Summer 2020- Rainbow Garden

2017- Lise's blooms 

April 2016- Vignette of proposed design for the Environmental Protection Office of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada

2016- Proposed design for home in the NDG neighborhood

May 2015- Bob's garden in South Eugene
April 2015- Myrick and Lewis residence
Plant Grid: proposed plants for the project captured in the photos above. Beyond the Root Landscape Design composes grids and vignettes that offer a look at particular characteristics of proposed plants, such as, color, structure and bloom-time.
Midori Yane- Ceramic tile green-roof structure at Courthouse Gardens. See more about the process of constructing a green roof here.
The two images above illustrate site analysis for a particular site on a steep slope with many Oregon White Oaks. Vegetation, ecologic value and other factors of a particular site are vital to form a successful design proposal.
'Filly' Residential design for South Eugene: The two images above are a proposed section (above) and a perspective of a proposed swale and native plantings (below)
re-imagining the urban core Kyoto, Japan


Time management, organization, efforts to coordinate with other parties

and keep the project on a time table

Amanda was able to make connections with local craftsmen in the community to bring to light her design intentions. She worked with a lot of different people who were able to contribute. Throughout the project her efforts were instrumental in coordinating the team and keeping the project on schedule.

Thoughtful design

We both are retired from careers in the arts, and Amanda successfully reflected our love of the arts through elements of the design. For example, she commissioned wood sculptures for one area, incorporating totem animals with significance to us. She was sensitive to site-specific conditions in her design and planning.

Passion for plants & wildlife

Amanda demonstrated great love of nature and passion for plants and wildlife in her design and work. She created a wildlife corridor along the edge of the site.

The design emphasized native plant species and restoration of the white oak habitat. She showed ecological sensitivity in her design and practices. As a result, animals and deer are returning to the site and enjoying it as much as we are!

Willingness to learn

Amanda is a good listener. She was willing to learn from experiences and
maintain a positive attitude . It was helpful to us, as we really didn't know much about the whole process!

Amanda displayed honesty, truthfulness, integrity and good communication skills in every phase of this project. As a result, we will be enjoying our new landscape for many years. and will consider her part of our family for helping bring it to fruition. Anyone who hires her will enjoy her vision and artistic sensitivities in nature.

Ceramic tile green-roof_Myrick and Lewis residence
Bob's rock garden

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